What I did on 14 December 2015

I failed to get up at all early today but I got a surprising amount done considering. I had a fried egg for breakfast then I started doing some planning, etc. on my script. So many different plot ideas going round my head right now I’m reeling.

My brother spent most of today showing us some new card tricks he has learnt. I am desperate for him to go away somewhere so I can find and read his magic book. It used to be hidden in the airing cupboard but he has moved it. Even so I have managed to work out a way to do one of the tricks where you end up with four piles of cards topped with aces. I have no idea if it is the right way or not and it’s very obvious what I am doing but it works 🙂 In the moments he wasn’t showing us card tricks he was reading a book that the mothership got him from the library about what would happen if impossible things happened. In the car earlier he was reading about what would happen it you were in a submarine that got struck by lightning. He also told us that a sphere with a radius of X kilometres has the same volume as a cube with each side X miles long.

After morning tea I did some clarinet practice. I was practicing a marimba concerto for a concert but I can’t find a recording of the second movement anywhere so I’m not really sure how my part fits in. I hope its very un-obvious as it’s very fast and fiddly. We had a spicy lentil dhal thing with roasted carrots and flatbreads for lunch which was quite nice but we had to eat it very fast to get to tennis vaguely on time.

The mothership and I went shopping in the health-food shop, where we bought hazelnuts, almond butter and quinoa chips, and the supermarket where we bought cream, icing sugar and milk. We probably bought other things as well but either I didn’t notice of I have forgotten by now.

When we got back from tennis I did some cello practice and my sister made apple and cinnamon muffins for her gluten baking day (she didn’t have time yesterday). She was going to make them this morning but we thought that we didn’t have any cream of tarter to make baking powder. Actually we did but by the time she found it it was too late. This is a photo of her muffins which I have been instructed to label ‘my lovely sister’s fabulous muffins’.IMG_2641

While my sister and brother were at a tennis squad this evening the mothership wrote Christmas cards and I did some more work on my script. My father bought himself a pair of original spats today for my cousins 1920s wedding next year. He managed to hold off on the 1940s tail coat luckily…

We’re having an eclectic selection of gluten free muffins, chicken wings and noodles for supper.

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