Youtube hairstyling channels rundown

I only really got into doing more elaborate hairstyles last September. When I was younger I had short hair which I permanently wore in what I called a topknot, a half ponytail. My younger sister had very blond hair which she wore in a fountain, a sort of half ponytail on top of her head so that it stood up like a fountain. As we grew older I went into the centre parting with a ponytail at the base of my neck phase and my sister, wo has never cut her hair (bar one incident with my brother and an armchair which needed stuffing), wore her hair permanently in one plait hanging down her back. I can remember learning to plait, my grandmother taught me in the flat they were staying in in London when I must have been about six or seven. I don’t think anyone taught me to French plait, I just learnt it by looking at other peoples hair then trying it out on my sister. Talulah taught me to fishtail plait when I was about twelve and I did Dutch braids for a long time without knowing they were called Dutch braids, I just thought they were called inside out French plaits. Here are some photos of my early attempts…DSCF1821One of the first French plaits I ever did on my sister.DSCF1664Not quite sure what is going on here!

I’m can’t remember why I started looking at hairstyling channels on youtube but I did and here is a rundown of my personal favourites. I’m sure there are lots of others but these are the ones I use the most.

Princess Hairstyles

This was the first ever channel I looked at and probably the one I have done the most styles from. Lots of really lovely styles.IMG_2994.jpg

Cute Girls Hairstyles

They have been going for a very long time so there’s a large back catalog to sift through. Some of the styles are great and some I’m not keen on at all but this is the case with all channels. They are normally very simple to do which is good but does also mean that a lot  of their styles are not terribly complex to look at.IMG_2307.jpg

Chikas Chic

A Spanish channel with the videos in both Spanish and English. Lots of good styles, always quite complex which either means they are great or a bit OTT looking.IMG_2790

Pretty Hair is Fun

Some nice styles and a good French five strand braid tutorial.IMG_3126.jpg

Babes in Hairland

A few styles which I like. Lots of boho type styles which my sister isn’t very keen on so we don’t use it much.IMG_2819.jpg

Hair Nails Inspiration

They don’t post videos anymore which is a shame as their old styles are mostly really good with some very nice different sorts of braids. I don’t seem to have any photos of braids I have done from them but I do really like them.


There are lots of very elaborate styles on here, and lots of sticking things onto the hair which we skip out on. Again, no photo as we have only used them a couple of times.

There are other channels we have used for one off styles but I have now forgotten the name of them. There are lots of channels with no speaking and the hair done on a mannequin, these are much harder to recreate unless you are already very good at braiding.

You get better at braiding very quickly. My sister likes her hair to always be very neat and smooth but I know that lots of people like the opposite so there are probably different channels which would be better for this. N.B. I never use hair spray or gel or anything and I’ve yet to find a style I can’t recreate and doesn’t stay in perfectly.

Finally, apologies for the quality of some of the photos on this post, I didn’t take them with blogging in mind, they were mostly to show my sister what her hair looked like from the back.




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