What I Did Today

The fog finally lifted toady and the sun came out :D. I ate breakfast (a fried egg) and then I studied for a bit on my bed. This is my favourite place to study because I can be as flat or as upright as I like and spread everything I need around me. My desk is sometimes better as I can sit on top of my heater and wrap myself in a blanket but today was’t that cold so I lay on my bed.

After reading about script writing for a bit I ate some apple then did some clarinet practice. I just got new (old) clarinets so I can only play them for 20min each at a time so that they won’t crack. They sound amazing though and are a lot easier to play, I find myself working really hard to get the intonation and then realising that I don’t need to.

We went out for tennis lessons and while I was waiting for my sister I wrote a script about three ladies in a restaurant. We came back and ate lunch (buckwheat pancakes with bolognese sauce), we weren’t allowed any with sugar though as The Mothership is on a ‘reducing the amount of sugar we are eating’ campaign. Probably not helped by the fact that I ate so much birthday cake over the weekend that when I tried to paint my sisters nails on Monday my normally rock steady hands were all over the place.

I did cello practice and then we went out again for clarinet lessons. While my sister was having hers I sat in the car and wrote a monolog while listening to Radio 1. On the way home we listened to rage against the answer machine and The Mothership agreed vigorously with the man complaining about people not un-balling their socks before putting them in the dirty washing.

My sister is making Georgian Khachapuri (bread with cheese in the middle) for supper while The Mothership is doing maths with my brother who is currently telling her off for saying soz.

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