What I did on 11 December 2015

I discovered via BBC News website this morning that today is ten years since Buncefield (massive petrol/oil/diesel storage place) blew up. This might not be significant for you but we lived about five miles away across open fields at the time so we defiantly heard it. I can remember waking up to a massive bang then hiding under the covers with my fingers in my ears just wailing ‘Daddy, Daddy’ over and over again. What I didn’t realise is that he was right there and because I my eyes were closed and I was so loud I didn’t realise! I was convinced that it was burglers (my greatest fear at the time) and my mother thought that world war three had started. I’m not sure what my brother thought but he was in the bunk below me and thought that me not noticing that my father was there was very amusing. My sister, who had just turned three at the time, slept straight through it although her bedroom did face away from the explosion. The mothership went downstairs and turned the radio on and discovered what had actually happened at which point we looked out the window and we could see the flames very clearly. I think you were meant to stay indoors but we went for a walk in the park to admire the clouds of smoke!

The added drama of the explosion was that we were meant to move to house no. 7 the next day… We had already delayed the move by several weeks due to other reasons and I don’t think we ended up moving in until about the Wednesday (it blew up on Sunday). Thank goodness I was young enough not to take any of the brunt of the stress! House no. 7 was even closer to Buncefield, about two miles, and the large house right beside it had all it’s windows blown out but, thanks to the shelter of a very large laurel hedge, house no. 7 remained unscathed.

Today hasn’t been very exciting really compared to that. I had tennis this morning and we had chicken, broccoli and potato wedges for lunch. This afternoon I have done cello practice and some studying. The mothership made some more fudge (for us rather than the tennis coaches) and managed not to burn herself. I went to a squad this evening which was the last one of term so there was lots of Christmas music and doubles. One of my friends who has been injured for a while came so it was lovely to see her. We are having this sweet potato thing which I don’t really like for supper so I think I will make myself something else. OH, my sister is making me and her some noodles.

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