What I did this week, Y1W11: Cello exam with a view

I had my grade 5 cello exam on Wednesday. I did it at the same place I did my grade 8 clarinet last year. It is someones house which has been converted from a pub and they have converted the old bowling alley into a music exam room. It’s at one of the highest points around here though so you get a very nice view when you arrive.IMG_3475The exam went OK I think. I mucked up the sight reading pretty badly but I kept going which it the main thing. The woman at the sign in was telling the mothership about all the exciting things which had happened this week with the exams. One person had turned up with a note from their teacher saying that they were playing grade 3 pieces even though they were entered for the grade 4 exam. Another even more nincompoop person had a note form their teacher saying hat they had been taught the pieces from a different exam board. Luckily none of them were me, although I did forget my spike holder so I had to use the mothership’s belt.

I found this really cool plait on Chikas Chic youtube channel to do on my sister. She likes having ribbons in her plaits but this is the first one I’ve found which doesn’t twist loads. I think it looks very celebrationy, I might do it for Easter with some yellow and green ribbon or something.IMG_3477.jpg

I saw my first bumble bee on Thursday, actually I have seen  couple already but not armed with a camera or a handy crocus to entice it to pose for a photo.IMG_3484.jpg

It has been pretty sunny all this week actually but not very warm. I had some cherry yogurt just now and I made me think of going cherry picking in the summer. I can’t wait!


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