What I did this week, Y1W28: First night of the Proms


I rehearsed for my local orchestra nearly every day this week. The program was pretty tough so the practice was definitely required. Due to so many people not turning up until the concert day itself I think the concert could definitely have gone better but is was a great effort. I played principle clarinet in Shostakovich 5 and got through all my solos with no glitches so I’m happy about that though I don’t think anyone is ever really happy with a performance, it could always have gone better.

On Friday I went to the first night of the Proms with a friend. We queued for the arena and I was number 190 which I thought was pretty good for the first night considering I only got there just before five. When the orchestra opened with Le Marseillais I very nearly had tears rolling down my cheeks. After the emotional beginning it was great. The second half was fantastic with two choirs singing Prokofiev’s Cantata the sound was so amazing.

I was ridiculously productive on Saturday given I only got back from London at eleven p.m. on Friday. I made hundreds of smore biscuits (gluten and gluten free).IMG_4432.jpg

I IMG_4430.jpg

I then walked into town with my friend. We went to a lovely new cafe for lunch and had great chats. We then walked down to our rehearsal where we played for 6 hours with a break in the middle for wild trips to Lidl (i.e. not wild at all but that is the only thing to do near where the rehearsals are). We found some grass to sit on and make daisy chains, I made this one with a new technique that one of my sisters friends showed me a couple of weeks ago.IMG_4436.jpg

I bought my father a present in town, this book, which is very much needed this year.IMG_4440.jpg

The final bit of news I have for everyone today, which you might not want to read depending on how obsessed with the British weather you are, is that the temperatures have soared and I am very happy about it!


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