What I didn’t get for Christmas

So this will be my last Christmas themed blog this season (hopefully, otherwise that would make me a very Christmas obsessed person) and I know that lots of people do blogs and vlogs about what they got for Christmas but I think that it’s far more interesting what I didn’t get for Christmas.

I wrote my Christmas list at some point in December on the back of my fathers Christmas list (I managed to fit a lot more on) and this is what was on it: (with comments in brackets so that you can further understand my excellent choices)

  1. VW camper van (no surprise there)
  2. Air rifle that shoots straight (as opposed to our current one that shoots up to a metre below target and variably to the left depending on the distance)
  3. My sister’s present (I put this on by command by her)
  4. Cadburys
  5. Chocolate coated flapjacks
  6. Estate in the Scottish Highlands (large)
  7. House in the Lake District (rambling, remote, crumbling but still vaguely waterproof)
  8. Valentino dress
  9. Diamond necklace
  10. Membership to Queens
  11. Debenture to Wimbledon (centre court)
  12. Mulberry tree
  13. Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever
  14. Border Collie
  15. Otter Hound
  16. London town house
  17. The Whitcharts (by Noel Streatfeild)
  18. Curtains
  19. Monet (painting)
  20. Wallet
  21. Pony
  22. Trap (for the pony to pull)
  23. Coat (long, elegant, possibly with a little cape like the one Bobby wore in The Railway Children only I’m not sure if that would look odd today, I did see a little girl with an amazing red cape on Kensington High Street earlier this year)
  24. Boots (long)
  25. Cable knit jumper
  26. Teaser bar
  27. Chocolate swirls (those things you get with coffee)
  28. Polaroid camera

My father’s list on the other side contained the following

  1. SWB Landcover (or a LWB if you have run out of SWBs)
  2. Farm
  3. Donegal tweed coat/jacket/country coat/city designer jacket all in one

We both have a lot of faith in Father Christmas.

So, I did get more from my list than my father got from his (nothing) but then my list was longer… I got 3. My sister’s present (the 11th princess diary which I stayed up until 2am to finish) and 4. Cadburys. I got 25. Cable knit jumper but I bought it as a present to myself so I’m not sure if it counts? I sort of got 26. Teaser bar, they were actually teaser reindeer which were much smaller than the bunnies they did at Easter but still very good. Finally, I also got 27. Chocolate swirls. 4 1/2 from 28 is not fantastic odds but we have to start from somewhere. It also saves me the trouble of thinking up new things for my birthday in the spring 🙂

It might help if I wrote my list a little earlier I suppose. My sister starts in about March for Christmas and February for her November birthday. I also only added the polaroid camera after Christmas day… I had it in my head earlier than that though and I’m sure Father Christmas can read minds.


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