What I did this week, Y1W25: Voting!

I didn’t blog last week because it was possibly one of the most boring weeks to blog in history, consisting of clarinet practice and more clarinet practice leading up to a festival on Saturday where my clarinet broke in the first bar of Brahms’s 1st Clarinet Sonata.

This week was much more interesting as I went and visited Talulah on Monday. After taking a rather unnecessary detour due to misleading tube announcements I finally got there and we spent the evening doing hair wraps and trying to watch In Her Shoes. We gave up on the movie pretty quickly as we were so busy twisting embroidery threads and chatting that we had zero idea what was going on, I just about gathered that there were two sisters…IMG_4159.jpg

On Tuesday we went into London. In the morning we went to the V&A which Talulah hadn’t been to for about thirteen years. It sounds so weird that I’m old enough to remember what happened thirteen years ago, in fact I can remember sixteen years ago :/ I hung around for the lights to go on on my Grandfathers favourite rug (Grandma – if you’re reading this then you can let him know it’s still there) and I made the pilgrimage to see the man eating tiger. Talulah and I were very amused by a lady showing it to her friend and giving all the wrong facts about it, or maybe she was right and the sign telling you about it is wrong?

I really like this photo but Talulah thinks it makes her look very small, probably not helped by the fact that when we went to buy new Converse for her in the afternoon she had gone down a size!IMG_4165.jpgMe being all artsy with my camera… iPhone.IMG_4167.jpg

We went for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and I had the most amazing watermelon and lime drink.IMG_4169.jpg

In the afternoon we went and found the Jack Wills sale and both bought dresses. Then we went on the slightly traumatic Converse buying expedition before starting to head back. We walked past Neil’s Yard where they had this amazing cupcake shop which I couldn’t resist. A mini jammy dodger cupcake from here is possibly better that an actual jam and cream dodger –  and I adore jam and cream dodgers.IMG_4173.jpgIMG_4175.jpg

We watched three films on Tuesday evening: Confessions of a Shopaholic (good laugh), No Reservations (never heard of it before but has Abigail Breslin as the girl and she is always amazing) and a random dance film that was surprisingly deep and gave both Talulah and I worrying dreams about our younger siblings driving cars.

On Wednesday we went to go and play tennis on some courts which were the grassiest hard courts I’ve ever come across. Then, after lunch, Talulah took me of a pilgrimage to get cinnamon squares at the award winning cinnamon square shop. Oh. My. Goodness. If you are ever anywhere vaguely close to Rickmansworth then you have duty to yourself and the universe to go and get one. The softest, warmest buns with melted cream cheese icing, just utter yum.

I was meant to travel straight back home to have a clarinet lesson but that got cancelled so instead I went to a client thing with my father. I watched him play some twenty twenty then played a set of doubles. In the risk of sounding unbelievably British – the weather was so lovely.IMG_4178.jpg

It was quite amusing trying to walk in and out of tube stations, or just anywhere, without being accosted by leaflet brandishing campaigners in London. I voted for the first time ever on Thursday morning. It was very cool but slightly daunting to have that power. I was also very worried that I was going to cross the wrong box. I remember the 2005 general election and how I imagined the polling station to be a big room with all the different candidates standing down the side with lots of balloons and circus acts to try and get you to vote for them. Sadly it wan’t nearly that exciting, although more interesting that the 2010 general election when we had to wait in a slightly dodgy library, with just a librarian and one man using the computers for goodness knows what, while The Mothership voted.

Waking up this morning at 5am to go on holiday, only to discover that we were leaving the EU was not exactly how I’d planned my day. My father has had to go into work so we are not currently somewhere between Kent and Cumbria but it does mean I now have time to write this blog post and do several other things I need to do like mowing the neighbours lawn – yay…

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