What I did this week, Y2W2: Making the most of the snow

Anything that happened before Thursday evening has been relegated to a lesser part of my mind to make way for the SNOW! How we realised it was snowing is a bit random as we didn’t think that it would settle or even snow, despite the forecast, as it had been pouring with rain all day. I was talking to my friend, who lives near Manchester, on Snapchat about the lack of snow and then he told me that his cousins live near us and they said it was snowing. We rushed to look out the back door to find a layer of snow on the ground! The only slight issue was that we still had to get to the station to retrieve my father… It was a bit hectic but we made it in the end. I had to go and rescue him with a pair of wellies, he’d already fallen over twice. It’s moments like these when The Mothership profusely thanks everyone within hearing distance (a few that aren’t) that she has winter tyres on her car.

I was a truly lucky Friday the 13th the next morning.IMG_5842.jpgGOPR0127.JPGimg_5855IMG_5869.jpg

The afternoon was spent building snowmen, snow dogs and giant snowballs. When my brother got home from school (he went in at about midday) we set to work on the igloo. The house next-door is empty at the moment and the previous people kept a very nice lawn so we make the most of it. We finished in the dark but here is a photo of it the next day after my brother had spent the night in it.IMG_5891.JPGI’m not sure what all the viewers are going to think when there is still a massive lump of snow in the garden weeks later…

We went as a family to see Lala Land at the weekend and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have seen a lot of musicals, Singing in the Rain and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are definitely in the top 5 films most watched in this house, and Lala Land is all the better for it. There are some very tongue in cheek scenes which are doubly funny if you know where the original comes from. However, even if you aren’t a connoisseur on An American in Paris and Oklahoma the film is still absolutely wonderful.

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