What I did this week, Y1W23: Catching slugs

I have no excuse for why this post is going up late. I had all of Sunday to write this and I just didn’t do it. Instead I watched rugby, did clarinet practice and surfed YouTube (the harmonising in the new Carpool Karaoke is soooo good, Chris Martin is still my favourite of all time though).

After taking a very overexposed polaroid in Cornwall I decide to test it out again on a flowerbed in the garden. It came out really well but I have no idea why, I think leaving the picture to develop in the sun is definitely not a good idea.IMG_4135

My grandfather came to stay on Monday and take my brother into London for his GCSEs. I went with them on Thursday as I had to take my driving theory test. Before I messed that up though my grandfather and I did some good wandering around and acquiring free green juice (me) and buying small china swans with the names of towns near where we live and books about Tuscany (him). We also walked past some really cool looking food stalls and miniature shops which I really want to go back and explore soon (Talulah?)

I failed my driving theory test. I scored very highly on the highway code questions but I think I must have done the hazard awareness bit wrong as these is no way that it would be possible to get as low a score as I did without doing it wrong!

Walking the dog with my grandfather earlier in the week we heard the first cuckoo that I’ve heard this year. Every year I think I’m not going to hear one but I always do. I also did some flower scrumping (if that’s even a thing?) from a perennial sweet-pea in a hedgerow. I’m not really sure what I thought the result of this photo was going to be but I like it anyway.IMG_4124.jpg

On Thursday evening through to Friday morning (not non-stop, we did go to bed) we played Settlers of Catan. This was painfully hilarious as the Mothership, who had played this extension several times before, was incapable of remembering a single rule whereas I had no problems despite never having played it before.

My father provided the main excitement this week by getting up at midnight to go and remove slugs off his plants in the garden. I think he catches about fifty a night at the moment which sounds like a lot but everything still seems to get eaten…

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