The Aftermath of Christmas

Lots of people claim to get very depressed in the days after Christmas but I actually really enjoy it. Christmas itself tends to be nice but a bit stressful and exhausting with people staying and having to be on top form the whole time, smiling for every present and trying not to biff anyone up…

After Christmas is great, this is when we tend to see all our friends and my father has some time off this year so we have been doing gardening and intense movie watching. (Watching lots of movies rather than watching intense movies, although there was a viewing of Top Gun last night which went on until about 1 a.m. I think.)

Today we have played lots of games. We played Risk this morning which we stopped after I had wiped out my father and the mothership and then nearly been wiped out myself. My brother always wins Risk and he owned pretty much everything except for Greenland, Iceland and Great Britain which my sister had a stronghold on. We declared my sister the winner and ate lunch.

After some tree chopping down in the garden we started playing Monopoly  (the UK version with St Albans as Park Lane which we bought at the official announcement/revealing of it in St Albans years ago).  I think everyone had forgotten that we still had this version as it’s really annoying because you have to add up in hundreds of thousands the whole time! We played for about five minutes and then gave up, declaring my father the winner as he already owned about ten properties. We put it in the boot room with the charity shop pile.

We then moved onto Porto Rico which is quite a good game except it always seems to end too soon. This time I actually felt like it ended at the right time though. The really annoying thing about it is that it is quite complicated and no one except my brother and I seemed to remember all the rules so we spent lots of time groaning as we had to explain everything again and again. Anyway, my father won and I came second. M brother made up for his Risk domination my coming last.

We are having Yorkshire puddings for supper because we didn’t have any on Christmas day. They are best with golden syrup which we discovered one time when the mothership had period pains and therefore had no ability to say no to anything. My father and sister have both managed to burn themselves while making them which is quite impressive. We are planning on playing Carcassonne after supper although it depends on how good a mood my father is as he doesn’t like Carcassonne (not that anyone except the mothership and I really likes it).

The other exciting thing which happened today was we had two power cuts but it went on again after about one minute both times which was very disappointing. Talulah told me that their family sometimes just pretend to have a power cut because they don’t get enough, not a bad idea really.

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