What I did on 4 December 2015

This morning my sister and I did the washing up while listening to a random shuffle of songs off my phone, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kodaline, Twin Atlantic, Take That, Kelly Clarkson, Keane, Abba, Years and Years, Ed Sheeran, I could go on… a good mix really…! Anyway, what I was actually going to say was we made mock ups of our Christmas card design while my mother was taking my brother to his piano lesson. Ever since I can remember we have done a different card design every year. We don’t seem to have photos of most years, at least not on our computer, but here are the ones we do have:

In house no. 10 we did embroidered felt trees.DSCF3996.jpg

For the last two years I have designed the card. Two years ago we did ribbon and glitter glue trees.DSCF5732.jpg

Last year I designed our most famous card yet. On the front it had a print of Father Christmas holding a glitter glue map. He had a speech bubble saying, ‘I wonder where they are this year…’. Inside the card there was a pop out circle with a clock face of miniature drawings of every house we have lived in on it. We were living in house no. 12 at the time but I included our holiday house we had for a brief period to make a perfect clock face with our newest house in the middle.

Here are some half completed cards.DSCF6768

The only problem now is we have to live up to it…

When the others got back we had morning tea, my mother made some amazing flapjacks yesterday, then took the dog for a walk. We went on one of the longer walks that we do regularly. We have a lot of things that we have to do on this walk. At one point you have to sing a Dalcroze Eurythmics song and there’s one hill that you have to walk backwards up to admire the view. Another hill you have to skip all the way up and run down the other side. We met a man in the woods who had lost his walking stick but we didn’t find it.

For lunch we had shepherd’s pie (which is one of my favourite meals) with carrots and broccoli.  I feel like there are a lot of different ways to make shepherd’s pie. We make ours with beef (which means it’s actually a cottage pie but we always call it shepherds…) and baked beans for the base and then mashed potato on top with a swirly pattern made with a fork and butter to make it go brown and salty.

After lunch I just did normal stuff really, music practice, tennis this evening, eating, checking out the reaction of that little boy when he saw the automatic doors… We are having pancakes for supper. Let’s see if we can persuade the mothership to let us have golden syrup!

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