What I did on 6 December 2015

Today I coached from 9-11 which involved lots of beat-the-coach which is always fun. We then went to buy our Christmas tree! The place we go sells them in feet and if it is 6ft11 then it is sold as a 6ft tree so you have to spy out the ones at the top of their height category. We found one that was 6ft 11 and 3/4 so we were happy.

When we got home we discovered the my father had been wondering around with a bobby pin in his hair 🙂 The mothership made some chocolate biscuits, she normally bakes on a Sunday so that she and my brother have something nice to eat while we have my sisters gluten thing. Today she is making fantails which I have made a lot in the past but this sis the first time she is making them. Once I put tablespoons rather than teaspoons of yeast in them which was interesting. It does actually say tablespoons but the recipe uses fresh yeast and we use dried.

I re-gripped one of my rackets with  yellow grip this morning which my brother has had for years and hasn’t used because he only uses black grips. I prefer blue ones but yellow is cool too.

After lunch (baked potatoes and chicken wings except I had an apple instead as I wasn’t hungry) we decorated the Christmas tree. It’s a good thing we didn’t get a bigger one as the top of this one touches the ceiling! Most of our decorations are home made and the ones which aren’t come from various New Zealand Steiner school fetes and South African craft shops except three plastic baubles with our names on them which were given to us by our uncle’s parents in law. Our lights were bought in house no. 1 I think… We have never bought new one as long as I remember anyway, and only about a quarter of the bulbs still work.


I went out to tennis and then this evening our neighbours came round briefly. We had pumpkin soup for supper and more Pride and Prejudice is planned 🙂

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