A week in the life of my hair

My hair gets commented on a lot. Pre-Raphaelite is probably the most popular way of describing it although I would just say crazy. When I was younger I had it cut in a bob as I hated having it brushed so much. My parents would cut it until one memorable experience on my Aunt’s farm in South Africa where my father managed to cut my ear… The mothership was in charge of cutting after that.

The last time I had it cut was when I was seven and I had gown it well past my shoulders. It was just after my cousins wedding and I had been sitting in front of my great aunt in the church. She sat down and said ‘I’m going to sit here and play with your lovely hair’. This annoyed me so much that I made the mothership cut it into a bob again the next day. I still to this day do not know why I was so annoyed! Anyway, I haven’t cut it since and today, if I pull it straight, the longest pieces come down to my belly button. And yes, I do have some split ends but it doesn’t bother me.

I wash my hair once per week. I have gone through lots of different patterns of how often I wash my hair but this works for me at the moment. I didn’t use shampoo until I was twelve. I know that lots of people think this is so weird/disgusting but if you never use shampoo then you really don’t need to until puberty. This is what my hair looks like straight after washing and brushing.IMG_3415

The next day I never brush it I just scrape it back into a messy ponytail. I only started doing this last summer when some friends convinced me to try it and I love it now.IMG_3278.jpg

The next day I normally don’t brush my hair either because if I do then it goes like this. You can’t really see the depth in the photo but trust me, it’s about a foot of fluff.IMG_3320.jpg

Because I play a lot of tennis on days when I’m training I mostly opt for a plaited ponytail. These start out pretty neat and by the end of the day they look like this.IMG_3330.jpg

As the week goes on my hair calms down a bit and I can do french braids. There are lots of different angles and starting places for doing these but on myself I always go from a centre part line and then down the middle of the side at the back (I have no idea of that makes sense or not). When I’m doing them on my sister I tend to start them at her eye line, it just depends of what looks best on you.

These are dutch braids at the end of the day.IMG_3357.jpg

I also do two standard braids. I tend to do a rough side parting going diagonally back so that it goes straight down the back of the head. I don’d do a very neat parting like I would for french braids.IMG_3338.jpg

As part of this blog post I let my brother and sister do my hair. Rather, I let my sister do my hair on the conditions she had to do it that second with no youtube video watching beforehand and it didn’t take longer than ten minutes and I persuaded my brother to do my hair by agreeing to have an armwrestling tournament with him first. See if you can guess who’s is who’s.IMG_3360.jpgIMG_3366.jpg

The last day before I washed my hair again and the cycle started over I had this 1/2 up style. IMG_3397.jpg

I don’t really have my hair down much unless I brush a lot of water through it to make ringlets. If I go swimming in the morning then I have the great hair by the evening for having down, not terrible useful for living in England.

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