What I did on 13 December 2015

Today was an early start. I warmed up with my sister for her tournament before work then I worked for 3 hours. I normally only do two on a Sunday but I was asked to stay on because another coach wasn’t there. One of my favourite kids for exciting conversations in the first red group (8&U, you are known after the colour of ball you play with, red, orange, green then hard ball) spent a long time telling me about the knots in his hair and how he had to pull them out with his fingers. His hair is about an inch long… I don’t know what he’d do with my two foot ringletly mess.

We had a potato and cheese omelet for lunch then I finished off my beading from yesterday. IMG_2638Don’t ask me how I did it as I just made it up as I went along! I have a bracelet of pink, green and blue union flags (not a union jack unless it’s on a boat which we were lectured on in Scouts once) that I have been making for years, I don’t do it very often but I really want to finish it.

This afternoon I had a three hour orchestra rehearsal which I was a bit nervous about as I’ve never played with this orchestra before but it went pretty well which is good because the concert is next week.

My sister had a very exciting matchplay where five people pulled out on her because of injuries. She won two matches though so she’s happy. Apparently the reason she lost her first match is because she had been reading Pride and Prejudice for ages beforehand so she was still is Jane Austen world and speaking to herself in Jane Austen English.

We are having roast pork with roast potatoes and probably some vegetables for supper. The Aga cooled down a bit for some reason so it’s taking a bit longer that normal. We have also just bought the BBC version of Emma as we have never seen it for some reason (only the film version with Reese Witherspoon) so we are planning on starting that tonight.

My sister had just pointed out that the decoration looks much bigger in the picture that is does in real life, it’s about two inches tall.

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