What I did on 2 December 2015

Today I got up early (for me) and I had a fried egg again for breakfast (still wasn’t feeling hungry). I did some practice before going out to take my grade 8 clarinet, eeek! I think it went OK though, not much I can do about it now 🙂

When we got back we had morning tea (I don’t think most people outside of New Zealand (and possibly Australia?) know about this but everyone should have it) and then got on with the day.

I did some tennis results entering and writing then had lunch (chicken, rice and spring greens). We had chocolate crispy cakes for pudding because Wednesdays are my sister’s gluten free baking days. Sundays are her gluten baking days because my father is around to help me and her eat whatever she’s cooked.

Ooh, I’ve just discovered that you can see your mouse charge percentage in the tool bar at the top! You learn something new everyday 🙂 I defiantly did my one-thing-that-scares-you-per-day thing today though…

After lunch I did cello practice and then my sister and I went to hit for an hour. We invented a game with very complicated and random rules i.e. if someone hits a let then they have to come into the net off their next serve and if someone hits a slice then all the rest of the balls in that rally have to be slices. We also made up the rule that if you forgot a rule then the other person automatically won.

We then had clarinet lessons, I played the Lutoslawski Dance preludes in my lesson and I am also working on a Stanford sonata and Brahms’s first sonata. Relieved to have new music after working on exam pieces for a while, although it’s always great to get a piece really good. I also need to practice some Tchaikovsky and Sibelius for an orchestra concert at Christmas… So much to do!

Didn’t really do anything Christmassy today – unless eating day two of our advent calendar counts…

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