Things I did this week, Y1W4

This has been the first week where I’ve managed to get all my posts up on time, plus an extra one because I didn’t post last Sunday.

It rained a lot early on this week and when we went on the dog walk on Wednesday every possible stream was in full flow. We don’t really have any streams or rivers near us except when it’s been raining loads. I love the sound of running water so much that I just went and stood next to this mini waterfall and listened.IMG_3156 (1).jpgWhen we got back and I was talking to my brother about it he informed me that he had actually created this waterfall. The stream originally went through he muddy patch on the left but he diverted it to create the wonderful trickling noise. Definitely one of my favourite noises ever.

Also on Wednesday we played Catan. I may have come last by a long way but I did create this.IMG_3158 (1).jpgI’m very skilled at creating sculptures with game pieces. The epitome of my sculptures was an enormous tower and roll-play scene with the Carcassonne pieces. My brother won Catan. He is very good at all games except (as he pointed out to me) Yahtzee, which I nearly always win at.

On Thursday we played Othello which I don’t think I’ve beaten my brother at for about ten years. He won the first game by sixteen counters. I won the second game!!! By about ten counters!!!!! He was so angry and fired up from losing that this was the result from the third and final game.IMG_3161 (1).jpgI was black…

Most mornings this week have consisted of listening to the tennis. We all predicted the score for the mens final.IMG_3166.jpgI’m not really sure who was closest to reality. Probably my father who is at the bottom, if he had just switched his third set to the beginning. I was checking the score constantly while coaching this morning, everyone’s phones seemed to have different scores though so it was quite exciting!

My sister got some new tennis shoes on Saturday. She is very excited as they are her first pair of adult shoes. I think the mothership was less impressed, my sisters small feet had saved her a lot of money.IMG_3170.jpg

In other news this week we watched a lot of Modern Family, I ate far too much Nutella and I had a random dream about going on a train where all the seats turned into beds for the girls going home from boarding school and at first it was a train to Sussex then it turned out that it was actually going to Devon. Probably something to do with the fact I just finished All About Pumpkin by Natasha Farrant which is set in Devon.

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