Relating to Film Characters

I’m meant to be writing a 2000 word essay on the song Always on My Mind. However, I have just got to the point of listening to it so many times that I know every word and entry by electrically synthesised violins and as I was belting along at the top of my voice I suddenly realised that I am Olive from Easy A. I don’t have a pocket full of sunshine but I do have someone telling me over and over the I’m always on their mind, I can’t decide if this is reassuring or not.

The song bared no particular enjoyment for me on Monday but now, Friday, it is my life. Or maybe this is a lesson in music and how if you listen to something enough times you will end up liking it. Actually that is not true because however many times Happy by Pharrell Williams was played on the radio in 2014 I never came round to liking it in any shape or form. 2014 was also the year of Frozen. Which I still haven’t seen. A fact that shocked my friend when I told her yesterday but given that she had never seem Annie she didn’t have much foundation for her disapproval.

Easy A has a lot of great characters. My parents spend their lives aspiring to be Olive’s parents who they see as the optimum of cool. I think if my siblings and I gave them half a chance they would introduce family member of the week. Watching back episodes of Modern Family last night we had another on relating to on screen characters moment when Claire insists on discussing awkward things with the children. My brother pointedly looked at our mother the entire time as her habit of wanting to discuss everything with us frequently makes him run for the hills.

Film characters are never as complicated as real life characters but they do normally avoid the pitfalls of long running TV shows characters changing stance on things. I wouldn’t mind if they were things which could be explained by a change of view over the years but Chandler Bing’s strange backwards and forwards fear of dogs in slightly baffling. I have been someone who always picks up on continuity errors though, I still remember all the problems I found with the My Naughty Little Sister books when I was six…


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