What I did this week, Y1W52: Not such a funny week

It’s always a funny week between Christmas and New Year but I feel like this year wasn’t as bad a usual. Various cousins came around on Boxing Day and we went of a very long walk.img_5757

We went down to Suffolk on Tuesday for my Grandmother’s birthday and some winter beach walks in Southwold and Walberswick.img_5765img_5769-1IMG_5766.jpg

I met up with friends for hot spiced apple juice (actually very, very good) and went to Norwich to go ice skating. My brother, sister and I went with some family friends who we’ve known since we lived in Norwich (a very long time ago) and I impressed myself by only falling over twice, both in the last two minutes. Though not as impressive as one of our friends who I asked ‘have you fallen over yet?’ as we were skating off at the end. She turned around to say ‘no’ and promptly crashed to the ice right in front of our mothers who had just walked in!

We came home for new year and made a gingerbread house. I know it’s supposed to be a Christmas thing but we didn’t get around to making one before Christmas this year so it was a New Years house. The pictures below are the only ones I have of it – didn’t realise the quality was quite so bad until I added them to this blog post!IMG_5786.jpgIMG_5787.jpg

And of course the main news this week is that my week keeping in the titles to these blog posts has worked out! I pretty much lost all faith in them in about October but it turns out I can count after all!

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