What I did this week, Y1W50: Making a wreath

I made my annual wreath on Monday. At least it was annual before last year… and only from about 2014… Anyway, I made a wreath. It’s pretty easy in this house to make a wreath as the hedge in front of us is holly and the trees around the side of out garden are yew. Finding berries was slightly more tricky, I only got a smattering in the end, not a good omen for the amount of snow we’re going to get this year.IMG_5664.jpgIMG_1914 (1).jpg

Tuesday was Christmas card making day. Now this is genuinely an annual thing. I can only remember one year in the past decade when we didn’t create a Christmas card. This year’s design was pop out Christmas trees in front of a church decorated with fiddly sparkles.img_5673

We decorated our own Christmas tree on Wednesday. Rather, we watched my sister decorate it.img_5671-1

My sister and I went Christmas shopping with my father on Friday which I can tell you (having already given the presents)  was successful. Saturday and Sunday I had orchestra all day.

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