What I did on 8 December 2015

I’m writing this a bit earlier than normal as I’m going out this evening. This morning we got our first Christmas card, from our friends in Barcelona. This is taking me quite a while to write as I’m only using one hand…

I was making fudge for the tennis coaches (I think there would be an uprising if they didn’t get their Christmas fudge) and I managed to spill some on my hand. I don’t think you can really learn to make fudge from a book, we learnt from some friends and have subsequently taught some of our friends. One friend we taught went back to Kenya and set up a business with it! I know that there are lots of different opinions on what fudge should be like but we make it vanilla (when we remember…) and it’s sort of soft and crumbly. I don’t mind some flavoured fudges but we have never made anything except vanilla. One thing I can’t stand is fudge (or anything) made with unsalted butter. I can immediately taste the difference and it is not welcome.


Our fudge cooling before being cut. I’ll spare you the photo of my burn!

The only good thing about my burn is that I get to put lots of lavender on it so I can go around smelling of lavender. Luckily I managed to carefully spray the fudge so that I didn’t get burnt in any spots which would inhibit my clarinet, cello or tennis. I also to got to send a photo of it to my father to scare him…

So what else happened today…? I found out that a very unlucky baby has been named Saint West… Wouldn’t be allowed in Iceland or New Zealand or other places where they can stop you naming your baby certain names. I did my sister’s hair in a Jane Bennet style today, a sort of plaited bun with plaited loops coming out of it, inspired by last nights viewing. I did a Dutch fishtail on myself, before I burnt my hand. Oh my goodness it gets dark so early now! I hope everyone in the southern hemisphere is enjoying the light!



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