What I did this week, Y1W17: SNOW!

The weird weather this week started with this skyscape at my tennis club while I was coaching on Monday evening.IMG_3817.jpgThere was a mutual decision that this was then end of the world and we should all think of one thing that we wanted to do before we died. ‘Live’ was on the top of most peoples’ lists.

Of course, it could just have been a warning for the weather to come on Tuesday and Wednesday…IMG_3824.jpgYes, it’s snowing… At the end of April. Granted, it wasn’t proper big flakes falling like a blanket (you had to be a bit further north for that, my great aunt sent us a video of her planting pansies in a blizzard in Scotland) but if was still snow!

On Tuesday evening my brother decided to see how many cushions he could balance on my head as a type of post-Modern-Family entertainment.IMG_3828.jpgI can’t remember what the final tally was, only that it was very heavy.

On Friday my sister went away for county cup so we watched lots of films that would cause her to ask too many questions for a thirteen year old. We started on Friday evening with The Wedding Crashers (I read the script a while ago which I think is actually funnier than the film). On Saturday we moved onto Meet the Parents and then on Sunday to Meet the Fockers which was hilarious. Didn’t manage to watch Just My Luck which my sister refuses to watch because apparently it’s too scary but luckily her team got through to national finals so we can watch it then.

My father has spent most of the weekend in the traditional style – gardening until he falls asleep on top of a pile of weeds. The mothership had been trying to (in the words of AA Milne) ‘instigerate knowledge’ into my brother in the form of GCSE maths. I spent Sunday playing tennis is glorious sunshine and today hiding inside from the grey skies and cold wind which are a bank holiday tradition in the UK.

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