What I did this week, Y1W39: Museum of Childhood

I think I’ve failed slightly at taking photos this week. I went to loads of cool places and didn’t take any photos because I was a) far too busy catching up with friends or b) nervous about auditions so not thinking about taking photos. I did take this one of dahlias in our garden which is a bit random but quite pretty.IMG_5277.jpg

On Thursday I met up with Talulah in London as she’s just gone back to uni and we went to the Museum of Childhood because you know, why not? We decided to walk from Charring Cross which is a good hour and a half, especially when you add on time for us to get lost, eat breakfast and shelter under a tree from a sudden downpour. I saw lots of good photo opportunities and took one photo the entire walk so here it is.IMG_5258.jpgWe got to the Museum of Childhood eventually and spent a couple of hours looking at dollhouses and feeling sorry for all the five year old being made to fill out worksheets on school trips. My favourite thing (which I unsurprisingly forgot to take a photo of) was a dolls house which was built like a coffee table with the house underneath. There was also this amazing poster with playground songs and clapping games etc. from all over the world which Talulah and I spent ages looking at and analysing the dark themes behind all the lyrics.IMG_5262.jpg

After the museum we went to The Gallery Cafe for lunch which was amazing. I’d done some googling before and as soon as I saw it online I knew we had to go there. IMG_5267.jpgIMG_5265.jpgTalulah and I spent a long time debating what the text was on this bunting, Arabic or music? After lunch we went to New Bond Street and window shopped. We found lots of things which were Talulah yellow, a sort of bright mustard.

My grandparents came and stayed towards the end of the week and I took my grandmother on a dog walk and gave her a music education by playing Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Adele and then (because they’re one of my favourite bands ever) a lot of Imagine Dragons.

On Sunday I had my audition for the orchestra I was in last year. My audition went really well although the sight reading was very tough. After my audition I met up with loads of friends for the evening. There were meant to be about thirteen of us but by the end of the evening there were only six which is probably a good thing given how long it took us to pay the bill in Wagamamas…

The only other thing I have photos of this week is some biscuits I made on Saturday. All New Zealanders know that the only recipe book you’ll ever need is Edmunds and the biscuit section in ours is so battered now that each page is separate and it’s more like a pack of cards then a book. The ones I made on Saturday are meant to be with peanuts but my family has always made them with sunflower seeds.IMG_5289.jpg

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