What I did this week, Y1 W9: Winning at Catan

The title of this post gives away the most exciting thing that happened this week. I won at Catan! This is the first time my brother hasn’t won since we got it. On Thursday I also won at Othello against my brother but he then beat me at Yahtzee which I hardly ever lose at so we’re even. The only annoying thing is that I didn’t manage to take a photo of either my wins, Othello because my brother messed up the board as soon as I got my phone out and Catan because I forgot…

On Monday, while coaching, all the kids decided to prop their rackets up along the bench for some reason but I thought it looked quite cool so I took a photo. I’m not sure anyone noticed me doing it, they didn’t comment anyway. Maybe they just think I’m so bonkers that it’s best to leave me alone.

That is pretty much the extent of exciting incidences this week. I spent lots of time writing an assignment, which is due on Friday, and doing cello practice as I have an exam coming up. As I don’t have any happenings to write about I will do a rundown of my favourite games as that sort of fits in with the fact that I won at Catan (in case you’d forgotten) …

  1. Carcassonne – [map building game] This is my favourite game of all time. We have the original game with about five extensions and we play with all of them at once (I know some people only play with on or two at a time but the longer it goes on the better). No one in my family likes playing except the mothership so we just play against each other most of the time. I used to win most of the time until I gave the mothership some tactics on how I always beat her, now it’s about 50/50.
  2. Racing Daemon – [very high speed card game] I love playing this game and it’s very amusing trying to teach people how to play it. We taught our grandparents and our grandmother spent the whole time going ‘stop, stop, everyone stop, I can’t keep up’.
  3. Canasta – [card game where you try and get 7 cards of the same rank] Everyone in my family loves Canasta which is a good thing except you can’t really play with more than four people. We have our great-grandmothers Canasta set which is quite cool as the scorecards inside go back to when my father used to play it as a child. Apparently when he used to play it though my great-grandmother would constantly change the rules to make sure that the score was always very close.
  4. Blokus – [game where you try and fit shapes onto a board] I like this game because it’s not to long and if you are playing with two people (normally it’s me and my brother as my sister doesn’t like it) you can have two colours each which makes it more exciting.
  5. Yahtzee – [dice game] We tend to go through phases where we’ll play Yahtzee about ten times in a week then we won’t play it again for several months. We have now run out of score cards and so every time we play we have to photocopy some new ones. I like games with scorecards as you can look back and see who has played with you, our go back over ten years to when we lived in Auckland.

Here’s a photo of our current games cupboard. Yes, we do have two copies of Monopoly. We used to have four but we got rid of the old original one with half the money missing and the UK version with St Albans at Park Lane (it came out when we lived in St Albans and everyone was madly voting to get St Albans to be Park Lane, there was a grand unveiling in the town centre which we went to with our grandfather) because all the money was in hundreds of thousands and it got very confusing. We have kept one original version and also our Norwich version where we all compete to buy the place we used to live. Actually, my sister never lived there so she shouldn’t be bothered…IMG_3435.jpg

It might snow overnight tonight, I’ve got everything crossed ❄️❅☃❆❄︎⛄️(Who knew there were so many different snowy emojis on a mac!)

2 thoughts on “What I did this week, Y1 W9: Winning at Catan

  1. Far too many games. Your poor father must get so annoyed at all rhe space they take up and the fact that the door to the cupboard is left open, poor man.


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