New Years Resolutions and Filming

I discovered today why it takes so long to shoot a film. I got my family to help me film my script, which is due in tomorrow, with Playmobil and my phone. It took forever. Some things are probably easier with real people, like showing expressions other than smiling, but real people have opinions of their own which Playmobil people lack. When we had managed to drag my father away from the cricket long enough for him to say his lines we downloaded the footage onto the computer. I haven’t been onto iMovie for about a year, since my brother and I grew out of our Royal Upstairs Downstairs-esq filming phase. Please say that we are not the only family who five years later still quote from Rosemary and Tim? Anyway, it’s now incredibly complicated to get the movie clips from iPhoto to iMovie (unless you knew ahead of time and did it directly from your phone). I am currently waiting for the clips to download into a file so I can then download them to iMovie as suggested my someone on one of the Apple forums. It’s on 51/81 which isn’t too bad going…

I didn’t really make any resolutions this year. Usually in our family we try and think up ones for each other. My sister wants to try and make more decisions as she hates making decisions. We’ve told my brother that he is not allowed to use the words ‘calm’ or ‘relax’ in  patronising tones when we get annoyed. The mothership has suggested that I try to get 1000 followers on this blog by the end of the year. That would be super cool so any help is very gratefully received. Thank you to the ten people who already follow me 🙂

My sister is making jam tarts for her gluten baking day which I don’t like that much but I might have one. The mothership is making nutty biscuits. They are the dog’s favourite because you have to chop lots of nuts to go in them which means that lots end up on the floor for her to pounce on.

It’s now on 60/81… I expect it’s going to be the most hilariously bad thing ever as most of the shots are of peoples’ hands moving the Playmobil around. We could probably create a very complex Playmobil movie with the ridiculous quantities of Playmobil we have. There are four massive baskets which just fit under my sister’s bed and another one under my parents bed plus various pieces scattered around the house and the airplane which has to go in the back of the car whenever we move because it’s too big to fit onto a box.

I used some of my ‘not arguing in the back of the car’ money to buy the first season of Modern Family which we started watching last night. A lot funnier than I expected and very good research for my script writing…


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