What I did on 20 December 2015

It was really weird weather today. Sort of squally rain showers that were torrential one minute and gone the next. We managed to play tennis in the middle of several of the wettest moments this morning.  We were only on court for about twenty minutes in the end but we got very wet.

I did a really nice hair do on my sister today. It was half up half down with three plaits coming in from one side and one from the other side meeting in a flower on the side.

We had chicken, rice and sauce and broccoli for lunch. We also invented a fantastic game where we challenged the mothership to keep quite for ten minutes while we tried to get her to talk. We said lots about how much sugar we were going to eat, which she couldn’t object to. My father and brother told her how they were going to leave half an hour to get to a tennis tournament which the mothership would normally leave over an hour to get to. I think she gave up when we tickled her which might have been cheating but it was very funny.

This afternoon I had six hours of orchestra rehearsals. The first three hours was a wind sectional with no trumpets and only one oboe… The second three hours was a full with only one flute but two oboes, trumpets and trombones. It will be exciting in everyone ever manages to be there at the same time. I saw a girl at orchestra who I haven’t seen for about five years when her family moved to Qatar. She recognised me but it took us a while to work out how we knew each other. We met through some other friend who have since moved back to South Africa. The pieces are sounding really good now, I love it when there’s a beautiful soaring string melody. There’s a great one in the second movement of the Karelia suite.

I got my breakdown of the marks for my clarinet exam which was interesting as I lost the most marks in the Brahms which I wasn’t expecting. I also did really well on sight reading which I’m happy about as I don’t particularly see that as a strength of my playing.



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