What I did on 5 December 2015

I am writing this post while at a tennis tournament. I lost my first match and I’m currently waiting for my second.

This morning I had musli for breakfast which my sister made yesterday. I worked for an hour then went for a cello lesson. When I got home my father and I ordered a Christmas present for my mother which I won’t divulge as she reads this blog! I then started making a photo album of this year.

I have now come off from my second match which I also lost, by 1 point thanks to the LTAs magnificent (not) new scoring system.

We had Lancashire hotpot, carrots and cabbage for lunch with tinned pineapple rings, the remains of my snowman meringues and cream for pudding. For a while we have had tinned fruit (peaches or pineapple) every year in our stockings but for the last two years I have given mine to my brother for his birthday in the spring! Other stocking traditions include bubble mixture (which is regularly spilt all over my parents bed while opening it), a walnut (even though two of us have never liked walnuts) and stickers.

I have the largest sticker collection in our house. I keep it in a tin Paperchase suitcase I was given for my birthday by a friend in house no. 7. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought any of the stickers in it, they have all been presents or free bees. I had a subscription to Pony magazine when I was younger and they give away  a lot of free stickers. Actually I’ve just remembered that I did buy some of them. In the town where we had our holiday house there was a bookshop which also sold excellent books of stickers. This was where we spent most of our summer pocket money.

I don’t remember when we stopped getting pocket money. I remember it started in house no. 6 and we always got £1 per week. I think my sister might have started off at 50p then increased but we never went above £1. We used to mostly spend it on Playmobil but I can remember saving up for a doll from TKMaxx in house no. 7. We later gave this doll, Georgina, to my cousin when his younger brother was born.

I have been rambling for a very long time now so I will stop…

I am now driving home and I won my last match, yay! It is not a terribly exciting drive and radio 2 isn’t providing much relief but my father is singing along so I will leave him to it!

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