What I did this week, Y1W48: A cold snap

I really thought that something had gone wrong with my week counting but I’ve just looked at the calendar and it’s worked out! A definite proof that miracles happen 🙂

They put the Christmas tree up in Trafalgar Square on Monday and although it wasn’t lit it still looked cool – and arrived from Norway in one piece which is always a plus. The fact that it came from Norway confused a lot of my friends who interpreted my ‘Thank you Norway’ Snapchat as me being in Norway, which is unfortunately not true.IMG_5592.jpg

It was definitely a week for coats and hats and scarfs (took me about five minutes to remember how to spell scarf) and gloves. And sunglasses except I don’t own any so I just looked in the other direction and took photos with my eyes shut.IMG_5596.jpg

I went to a concert in London on Wednesday which was really good. However, when we got back to the car my father had utilise his bank card ice removal technique.IMG_5600.jpg

Advent started on Thursday and I did a comprehensive survey on the lack of Twirls in our two boxes of Heroes.IMG_5594.jpg

You couldn’t tell once I’d filled the advent calendar though.IMG_5595.jpg

I had a coaching course all day on Saturday and Sunday but Talulah came to visit on Sunday evening which was so much fun. We made disastrous latte art and watched Bend in Like Beckham.IMG_5615.jpg




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