What I did this week, Y1W16: 18th birthday presents

The early part of this week was taken up with sewing my rag-rug together and watching Pride and Prejudice. I have seen P&P more times than I can count but I still love it. From the first shot of galloping horse hooves to the final kiss it is everything you could want in five hours of period television. The rag-rug was very painful to sew together but several very stabbed fingers later I finished it and it feels so lovely on the bottom of your feet when you stand on it. I do now feel a bit like someone out of Laura Ingalls Wilder though…

I can’t really remember what I spent the rest of the week doing, only that after about Thursday, when my sister decided that it was summer and she was going to wear shorts, the temperature plummeted and the coats and hats went back on.

My father and I took the dog or a walk through the bluebell woods on Saturday and the contrast between the winter mud and wet tree bark and the luminous green leaves on the beech trees was stunning.IMG_3797.jpg

On Sunday I got my birthday presents and cake. Since I was about eleven I have always made my own birthday cakes as I don’t trust anyone else to do it for me. This year I made my favourite chocolate cake from The Ultimate Recipe Book by Angela Nilsen. It has more chocolate in it than you could possibly imagine and makes you feel like you have a hangover the day after eating it.

This is what I got for my birthday:

  1. A new wallet/purse from my South African grandparents. They always send money over then we choose a gift. I lost/had my last wallet stolen so hopefully the same doesn’t happen to this one.
  2. A tape measure shaped like a snail (I love snails)
  3. Chocolate.
  4. A hardback copy of Thursdays Child by Noel Streatfeild. I only have a paperback which doesn’t have the illustrations.
  5. Cheaper by the Dozen, the book. It came before the films and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is my second favourite film of all time so I’m excited to see what the book is like.
  6. A CD of my fathers favourite busker in Trafalgar Square who plays a guitar lying across his knees.
  7. My bedroom door painted orange from my sister. (Although she hasn’t actually done it yet.)
  8. Driving lessons from my British grandparents.
  9. Modern Family season 5.
  10. High Society
  11. A mug with hedgehogs on it.

The following things are presents which I’m going to get but I haven’t yet.

  1. A mystery DVD which has yet to turn up.
  2. A guitar capo so that I bend less colouring pens and the hairbands can go back to their proper use…
  3. A travel backpack.

IMG_3815.jpgThese are my presents before opening. I had to open them on top of the Catan board as my brother had just got a new extension and a game was in mid flow.

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