What I did this week, Y1W26: Lake District and Wimbledon

We got to the Lake District at about midnight on Friday evening after negotiating the mountain passes in the dark, weaving in and out of small black lambs on the black road. (Starting to sound like that black dog on a black road riddle, although this time it really was dark.)

It rained most of the week. We walked past all our favourite swimming holes in the rain. We climbed half way up lots of mountains in the rain. I hyperventilated past herds of cows in the rain. When it stopped raining we got bitten my lots of horseflies, lay on the grass to admire to view, tried to come up with a Brexit theme for everything (independence croissants, eat them while you still can) and created spectacular artwork with the Carcassonne pieces.

Ok, I’m probably exaggerating a little bit. The sun did come out and the dog went swimming lots.IMG_4212.jpg

It was warm enough for my brother to do an entire walk barefoot – not that is has to be that warm at all for my brother to dress like it’s August in the south of France.IMG_4247.jpg

The cloud lifted for five seconds so we could point at the mountain we were going to climb… but then didn’t because the cloud came down again.IMG_4246.jpg

On the last day we planned to climb a whole range of fells called the Crinkle Crags. We nearly made it up the first one.IMG_4292.jpg

It was worth is though as I found a patchwork rock!IMG_4293.jpg

And the whole holiday was very worth it as I finally got to go on a GoApe!! I have been wanting to go on one since I was about ten. I dragged my brother and father along with me, I think my brother enjoyed it but I’m not sure I would ever got my father to do it again. In my opinion it was one of the best things I have ever done and I’m desperate to do it again. I think the one we went on is one of the tallest in the country at about 19 metres whereas most of them are only about 12.IMG_1681

I went to Wimbledon on Saturday. Normally I go with family but this year I went with my training centre, helping shepherd six ten-year-old girls around. This involved lots of trips to the gift shop, the food stands and the toilets and a bit of tennis on the side. The highlight for me was that we had two centre courts tickets which we rotated around and sitting four rows of seats aways from Andy Murray is not something I’ll forget quickly. I never really understand people getting awestruck at ‘famous’ people but I have to say, if I ever met Murray, Djokovic, Federer or Nadal I think I would get very overexcited!

The biggest cheers of the day came when this score flashed up outside centre court.IMG_4308.jpgAlthough the crowd around the court where Lleyton Hewitt was playing doubles was a close contender.

On Sunday we had a small lunch party which was fun. Watching a three-year-old trying to play tennis was one of the most adorable things ever. The weather was gorgeous and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even me, with my hideous cold, not quite sure now I survived the weekend at all but I made it!

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